Mind-Bending Escape Room Puzzles: Part 1

Thu, 09 Apr, 2020

Hold onto your seats! The spectrum of escape game puzzles is so wide that we're serving it up in two exciting blog installments! So be sure to check out Part 2 of our list of 'Confusing Escape Room Puzzles' as well!

Let's start with our first five escape room challenges...

Magnet Puzzles

The beauty of magnet puzzles lies in their flexibility. Every magnet object effortlessly integrates into the narrative, creating enjoyable and thematic challenges. Typically, a magnet attracts and advances magnetic objects in the game. The puzzle variations, from locks and keys to wedding rings and metal lumps with clues, appear boundless!


In escape rooms, perception illusions challenge you to view objects and furnishings from unique angles to uncover hidden clues. Game masters find it fun when groups suddenly change positions to uncover what an escape game illusion hides.

Can you conquer the enigma of Escape Room Part 1? Immerse yourself in thrilling challenges and unlock the secrets of these mind-bending puzzles.

Puzzles at First Glance

Always remember this important advice: EVERYTHING included in the escape room can be part of the narrative! Skillful escape game designers subtly weave seemingly innocent objects into the room's decor. Don't undervalue the impact of these seemingly trivial objects; they wield immense influence over the course of your escape adventure!

Never dismiss something solely based on it appearing too obvious...

Research-Based Puzzles

For research-based puzzles, players must search and research the answers based on materials found in the room. Escape rooms don't allow mobile phones for this reason! 

Don't rely on Google! Seek answers cleverly placed in newspapers, bulletins, research notes, or maps. Beware: Smaller or disorganized groups may find it tough.

UV Light Clues

UV light puzzles are a no way out escape room staple, a classic inclusion. The room contains clues written in invisible ink that only a UV light can reveal. This means you have to shine this light somewhere to ensure you don't miss any important part of the escape game!

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