Horror escape room with live actor


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2-6 Person


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Welcome to the Horror Circus, where the line between laughter and terror blurs into a nightmare. Within this twisted tent, the clowns' smiles are as cold as ice, and the puzzles are as twisted as the secrets they guard. With just one hour to spare, your team must navigate the labyrinth of the circus and uncover its dark secrets.

But beware, the malevolent clown is watching your every move, eager to ensnare you in his twisted games. Can you escape the horrors of the circus before you become its next victim?

Step into the chilling world of the Horror Circus and embark on a journey into the unknown.


Locate the hidden safe in the dressing room and unlock the secrets within the clown's diary. But beware, every puzzle you solve brings you one step closer to the sinister truth.

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Game with Live actor

An escape room is entirely different when a live actor is involved! Take your experience to a whole new level!

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